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Managed IT Services.

You need to focus on your core business, and you want to outsource your IT? FAST-IT Cyprus is the partner you need. With many years of experience in the IT field, reliable, customer-focussed and innovative to tailor your IT environment.

Hosting & Webdevelopment.

We all evolve, why not start your own website. The way to get YOUR company visible online. We have our own servers, all located in Europe (Amsterdam & Frankfurt) all equipped with SSD, Snapshots, and many more features. Get in touch and get yourself a new website. 


nowadays backups are more important than ever before. Ransomware, viruses, spyware can destroy your valuable data. We offer many backup solutions to tackle this problem. Prices for a 5TB storage are starting at €99 excl. VAT

And more ...


FAST-IT Cyprus.

FAST-IT Cyprus was founded in 2012 after moving from The Netherlands to Cyprus. FAST-IT Cyprus was created to deliver exceptional customer service for private customers and small to medium-sized companies with their daily IT challenges for budget-friendly prices. We can support you with almost everything related to IT, from reinstalling your computers to creating modern and user-friendly websites. Creating backups from your devices to telephone systems, upgrading or creating your network to be more future proofn. Contact us with your problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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